Renewable energies

Sustainability, safety and independance – this is what renewable energy is standing for.

With sun as unlimited energy source, it is our goal, to support and to benefit from photovoltaics. For our future and all future generations. LIMA Group is recognizing sustainability as holistic principle, which is lived in social, technological, ecological and economical dimension. In order to change this sustainability in entrepreneurial success, we put our focus on quality and professionality. We offer this from design to construction and maintenance of solar- and wind power plants.

Together with our partners we develop regional and international markets. Photovoltaics contributes significantly to a climate friendly energy supply – and it is profitable! Via decentralized and regional energy production!

LIMA Group GmbH is a manufacturer independant supplier of high-quality solar power systems, individually tailored for our clients. The group of companies is installing efficient power plants of all sizes nationally and internationally. LIMA Group offers all services around the whole life cycle of a solar- or wind power plant. With our long lasting experience concerning desgin and construction of solar power plants, we would like to support and benefit from the potential of photovoltaics. Together with our business partners in project- and trading buisness, we develop energy.