A solar module is assembled with single solar cells to an electrical element. The solar cells are converting the sunlight in environmentally- and future beneficial energy.

Basically, there are three kinds of solar modules:

  • Monochrystalline solar cells

    Monochrystalline solar cells have a black to bluish colour. They exist of only a single chrystal and possess in comparison to other silicium cells the highest efficiency. The life span is minimum 20 years, however the purchasing costs are extremely high.

  • Polychrystalline solar cells

    Polychrystalline solar cells have a blue surface and are provided with a lower efficiency. They are used most frequently as the manufacturing is more simple.

  • Thin film solar cells

    Thin film modules have a dark brown to black colour. They are simple to manufacture and an economic solution due to low costs of material. The efficiency is very low and more area compared to chrystalline modules is needed.

We offer high efficient modules with a very good cost-performance ratio in various sizes and classes. They distinguish themselves by numerous advantages: powerful solar cells, high efficienty and innovative connection technology, adjusted to your requests, whishes and needs.