On-Site Management

LIMA Group is offering a further segment for internal and personal relief. On-Site Management is addressing to your company when there is a high demand for temorary workers with similar qualification.

You will be assisted with the following comprehensive services:

  • Consultancy and planning, determination of requirements and recruiting, training and integration of your staff into your company and the complete organizational and administrative processing.
  • We are doing the coordination, processing and supervision for all the staff, placed in your company. Furthermore, our On-Site-Management is taking over the analysis of your working processes, process management as well as further optimising tools.
  • As your company has normally business relations to more than one temporary employment agency, LIMA is going to offer you a master, who is acting as coordinator of all agencies.

Here are the advantages and benefits, which are the results for your company and the assigned employers:

  • A smooth communication- and workflow. So, short distances and a fast reaction are guaranteed.
  • Acquisition of personnel and all organizational and administrative tasks. This enables are more efficient assignment of your staff and an increase of productivity and a cost reduction simultaneously.
  • An optimal supervision and a fast integration of the temporary staff in your company.
  • The choice of suitable manpower is effected from the pool of workers of LIMA Group GmbH and the co-suppliers.